Happy birthday Mr. Marzaro!

2019. A good goal. As they say in the Veneto region, his beloved land... "80 anni e non sentirli!" which sounds almost like "80 years old and still rocking!"

This time it is the birthday of a very special person: Roberto Marzaro, the founder of Arneg in the early '60s together with his partner and trusted friend, Luigi Finco.

How to describe such a visionary and stimulating person, always one step ahead?

"Dreaming with common sense, ethics, courage and imagination."

This has always been the motto of Mr. Marzaro. The company philosophy and a lifestyle that have enabled him to become the illuminated entrepreneur that everyone knows and appreciates. A tireless worker who has transformed dreams into reality thanks to the innovative strength of his intuitions and the endless energy with which he has pursued ambitious aims and doubled extraordinary goals.

The world is his home.

With a pioneering spirit, he has explored the Italian and foreign markets far and wide and built relationships to enter into deep harmony with people and gather the soul of each country, spreading the roots of his business project internationally.

A great enthusiast of the identity and values of Venetian culture and at the same time a citizen of the world, he is curious about everything that enriches his know-how, indispensable tool for growth and development.

Passionate about Italian history and art, lover of good food and good wine, he is an enthusiast of life in all its expressions. A careful observer, always focused on the future, he has the maturity of someone who has lived through a long and successful history and the impetus of someone who is convinced that there's much more to come.

Best wishes Mr. Marzaro... with all our affection and gratitude!