Incold anti-bacterial cold store rooms: protected foods with silver ions

Incold Zero is the new standard coating for plasticized sheet cold store room

Maintaining high cleaning standards may not be enough to guarantee that foods are preserved perfectly in cold store rooms.

The Incold anti-bacterial cold stores with Incold Zero coating are your ally in defeating germs, bacteria, fungi and algae.

The Incold Zero plasticized sheet coating actually has a dual action:

  • it prevents the proliferation of bacteria
  • it removes the existing bacteria
Incold Zero,
Zero Bacteria


The Incold cold store rooms with ‘Incold Zero’ anti-bacterial plasticized sheet finishing are the solution aimed at maintaining long-lasting protection and hygiene even in those situations where normal cleaning cannot be guaranteed.


Finishing available for: Multi&Evosystem - Bigisopanels


Test and certification:

  • The ‘Incold Zero’ plasticized sheet is a tested product certified in accordance with the following standards:
  • ISO 22196: 2007
  • ASTM E 2180-07
  • JIS Z 2801: 2006


  • Food contact: certification in accordance with the 2002/72 /EC standard as amended
  • Fire certification: in accordance with the European standard for construction products, EN 13501-1
  • Incold Zero does not alter the characteristics of the coated material



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