With IRMOS (Incold Remote MOnitoring System), the system for continuous remote control of automatic doors, Incold becomes a technology partner for businesses: the open technology allows you to collect data, process them and make them available 24/7 in a simple intuitive manner.

IRMOS allows the IncoldActive automatic doors to be monitored in a few simple steps.

  1. The software can be installed on both new doors and already existing ones.

  2. The door is collected to the Internet by Wi-Fi network or cable. 

  3. The user will be able to monitor various door parameters by accessing the web platform.  


IRMOS – What are the advantages?

1. Immediate diagnosis: the doors’ parameters can be monitored on the web platform and any errors will be displayed. 

2. Telephone assistance: the Incold engineer will easily be able to solve any operating malfunctions and put forward any customised maintenance plans based on the cycles detected.

3. Customised maintenance: customised maintenance plans based on the cycles detected. 


IRMOS - What parameters can be monitored? 

Door details / Installed software version / Number of work cycles / Speed / Temperatures found by the probes (where present) / Door status (open, closed) / Operating errors and their causes (excess temperature, overload, photocell or radar malfunction, emergency stop, etc.).


IRMOS - Who can access the web platform?

Anybody who has the right credentials. The display privileges will be customised according to the user (maintenance engineer, commercial engineer, Incold engineer tasked with assistance).

It will be possible to monitor doors located in different sites from this platform. 


IRMOS - On what models can it be installed?

• Rapid winding doors, Roll Up Zip, Roll Up Glide and Roll Up Freezer models

• Packaged doors, Fold up model

• Sectional Industrial Doors, SZ model

• Automatic Sliding Doors, PSA model


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