Thanks to the new GLASINCOLD fiberglass finish, the VH112 panel is suitable for contact with aggressive environments.

VH112 GLASINCOLD is a durable, resistant panel that has no fright of corrosion, bacteria and scratches.


VH112 GLASINCOLD: How is it composed? 

VH 112 is an isothermal sandwich panel with mono-composite GLASINCOLD antibacterial finish, a flat sheet laminate with high hygienic performance. 

VH112: What is it indicated for? 

The VH112 panel is used for the construction of cold rooms and isothermal doors. The GLASINCOLD surface makes it particularly suitable for environments with a high risk of contamination, since bacteria do not proliferate on the surface. 

VH112: Is it suitable for negative temperatures? 

The GLASINCOLD coating and the shape of the joint guarantee high hygienic performance for both positive and negative temperatures.  

Panels can be both sealed with silicone sealant or PVC clip profile, to make them totally tight. 

GLASINCOLD: how does the surface look like? 

The GLASINCOLD surface is embossed, therefore smooth but in relief. This makes it structured and very resistant to shocks and scratches. The surface is pore-free and therefore easy to clean: for this reason it is perfect for highly aggressive environments.  

VH112: Applications

Food industry: bakery, meat processing, fish processing, dairies, industrial kitchens, clean rooms.

Healthcare: clean rooms, hospitals, health laboratories


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