VH 112 is an isothermal sandwich panel with a Glasincold mono composite anti-bacterial surface. It is suitable for rooms with positive or negative temperatures that requires high hygienic standards or where aggressive agents are present.  The surface and the panel joint guarantee hygenic protection for rooms at risk of fungal and bacterial contamination.  The panel has high impact resistance and thermal insulation. 



Applications: food processing plants, bakery industry, meat processing industry and butcheries, restaurants and industrial kitchens, fish factories and stores, milk and cheese industry, slaughter houses for cattle and poultry, egg processing companies, clean rooms, chemical laboratories.

Panel features

  • Finishing Glasincold flat sheet laminate

  • Joint Toungue and groove joint + camlocks

  • Insulation PUR 40 Kg / m³ ± 10%. injected on press with “air intake system one shot” injection system. Initial thermal conductivity λ = 0.023 W/m K, without CFC _ HCFC.

Glasincold finishing features

  • Composition Fibreglass Reinforced mono composite Polyester sheet, non-porous surface

  • Appearance - color Shiny and goffered surface - white Ral 9010

  • Thickness 2.3 ± 0.2 mm

  • Certification Suitable for food contact in compliance with directive 2002/72 / EC. HACCP: approved


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