Swinging arm PVC flex door

The Transparent Flexible Doors Unika Visioflex are an effective barrier to the passage of air through isothermal doors in the event they remain open due to intensive traffic, whether pedestrian or trolleys. They offer maximum protection against heat loss, controlling energy consumption. They are also a valid solution in case a dividing door with maximum visibility is required.

A special stainless steel and aluminium gravity hinge with two-way rotation forms the load-bearing structure of the door. Due to its special design, it closes the door automatically.

Transparent PVC mantle 3 mm thickness:

Kristal type for operating at positive temperature from 0 °C to 40 °C

Polar type for operating at negative temperature from -20°C to 20 °C

The absence of posts allows optimisation of the door opening, unlike the conventional “FLAP” doors. It is much more accessible compared to the traditional Strip Doors as it avoids the hassle of strips that fall against the operator, so passage is easier even when the user’s hands are full. They are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.


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