Semi-insulated office doors with Monolithic leaf

SI-F semi-insulating service doors are designed for indoor installation in conditioned areas with minimum working temperatures ≥ 12°C, ∆T ≤ 12°C, R.H. ≤ 60. They can be supplied for installation on panel or on brick wall.


A - Monolithic leaf thickness 4 cm consisting of two supports in pre-painted steel sheet, colour white RAL 9010 with polyurethane foam injected at high density. The hardware consists of 2 anodized aluminium hinges with self-lubricating pivots, ergonomic handle in stainless steel, lock with European cylinder Master Key system.

B - Frame in anodized aluminum complete with weather-stripping around the jamb.

C - Subframe in anodized aluminum (not supplied for installations on brick wall). On request we can supply double leaf doors. In this case the client should indicate the size of the fixed panel and that of the mobile panel, as well as their position (indicating whether on the left or the right) and the direction of opening of the mobile panel (hinge on the left or right).

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