All doors SC are in compliance with standard EN 13241-1 and 1 and are subject to initial type testing by a notified organization that has issued the marking. Therefore, all doors are marked with an identification label with the marking.

The automation for sliding doors SC type is based in a system with motorgear, thanks to the worm reduction gear, the door is manually-movable in case of power failure. The motion transmission between the door leaf and the motorgear is via a toothed belt. 

The control box is made in white anti-corrosion IP65 ABS. The connections between the control and the motor are pre-wired thanks to a fast strong connector in the lower part of the ABS box. The control software is an Incold exclusivity. The operating voltage is 220V, 50 Hz. The control of the door leaf positioning is controlled by an encoder installed in the motorgear. The adjustment of the door speed is controlled by an inverter and an encoder. A display installed on the external side of the control box, allows to control the opening and closing of the door. Through the display you can easily adjust and control the door functions such as speedy, acceleration/deceleration ramps, partial opening, automatic reclosing, count of the openings, status of the safety devices. 

The main crush-prevention safety device is a sensitive bar resistant type located on the vertical edge of the door leaf which, in case of collision with an obstacle, instantly blocks the door and reverses the motion, sending a signal to the panel by means of wireless system. A “transmitter-receiver” photocell, in addition to the sensitive bar, prevents physical contact between the door leaf in motion and the obstacle, blocking the door instantly and reversing its motion in order to ensure the function and durability of the sensitive bar.

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