Isothermal sliding doors for controlled atmosphere

Door for “Controlled Atmosphere” cold rooms for preservation and ripening where the internal temperature is not lower than -5°C; it guarantees the hermetic seal of the cold room.


A - Frame in Stainless Steel Aisi 304.

B - Connecting profiles in stainless steel Aisi 304 for fastening on prefabricated panels.

C - Leaf consisting of a monolithic sandwich in prepainted sheet color with RAL 2004 insulated with PUR density 40 kg/m3, along the perimeter there are special  gas seal gasket, standard thickness of the leaf are 10 cm.

D - Inspection porthole measuring cm 55 x 75 H in double glazing, equipped with a lockable handle and locking handwheels.

E - Eccentric fasteners, on the two vertical sides of the door leaf, to guarantee adequate gas tightness and perfect adherence of the gasket to the frame.

F - Sliding Rail in anodized aluminium with carter.

G - Back rail for sliding and regulation, wall mounted; it enables the sliding motion and the seal of the gasket, without additional accessories mounted to the floor that could be obstructive.

H - Threshold, connected to the frame, consisting of a robust corner profile mm 60 x 60 mm in Stainless Steel Aisi 304.