Semi-insulating swinging doors

The semi-insulating doors VVPE - VVPEG (to-and-from in high density polyethylene) are designed for installations in air-conditioned rooms with minimum working temperatures > 12 °C, ∆T < 12 °C, U.R. < 60% they can only be used as service entrances and not for uses requiring a hermetic and thermal seal. They can be supplied for installation on panel or brick wall. High density polyethylene is a sturdy material with excellent rigidity and resistance to impact. For this reason VVPE doors are particularly suited to environments where there is a heavy traffic of trolleys; polyethylene is also a non-toxic material and it has good chemical resistance. 


A - Door panel consisting of a slab of high density polyethylene 1,5 centimeters thick; reinforced on the hinge size with an upright 4 centimeters thick in the same material. Strips in soft, transparent PVC are applied along the 2 vertical edges to prevent crushing the fingers. The transparent window measures 30 x 60 centimeter. The hardware consists of 2 plastic hinges with return spring and door stop at 90°.

B - Frame in anodized aluminum with invisible fastening system.

C - Counterframe in anodized aluminum with invisible fastening system (not supplied for installations on brick wall).

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