Modular cabinet units in two thicknesses, 60 mm for TN and 100 mm for BT.

• All inside corners are rounded.

• The cabinets of the multi cabinet series can be assembled in elements of 800 x 800 mm, and can be compartmentalized with modular dividers placed vertically and equipped with separate doors or half doors on two levels.

• The doors have a net opening of 610 mm x 1700 H and the half doors have a net opening of 610 mm x 800 H, so as to facilitate insertion on special runners of wire shelves or pastries trays 40 x 60 cm or 60 x 80 cm.

• The cabinets of the Multi cabinet series are produced with a height of 2030 mm and depth of 830 mm net on the inside, while the interior length will be a multiple of 800 mm + 30 mm (twice the interior radius).

• Walls, ceiling and floor in prepainted sheet white Ral 9010.

• Insulation in injected polyurethane foam, free from CFC.

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