1963 – 2013 Arneg is 50 years old

A birthday to remember

An important objective in the extraordinary human and business venture which has over the years led Arneg to take on increasingly complex, rousing challenges in terms of innovation, through brilliant team-working that has involved more and more people, until it turned Arneg into a benchmark in the international market.

Today Arneg is a sound, competitive global business, with manufacturing plants and sales offices all over the world, and expected turnover of about 500 million Euros at year-end 2013.

Created in homage to this unforgettable half century of successes, a prestigious volume, illustrated with a rich selection of photographs, describes the most important milestones in the company’s ongoing evolution from a small manufacturing firm situated just north of Padua to a major international business group, as remembered by the staff, the men and women who have over the years contributed to its development, being part of one great big family.

A heartfelt chronicle, further brought to life by the documentary film produced to complete this company profile (included with the book) which at the same time also profiles an era, a geographical area and a system of values, gradually shifting from rural to industrial. A fascinating reportage, commendably interweaving faces and words with memories and emotions, for posterity.