Euroshop 2011

From February the 26th to March the 2nd 2011 will be held in Düsseldorf, EuroShop, the most important international exhibition of equipment for the point of sale.

NATURALLY INNOVATIVE: Arneg an innovative Group “by Nature” By the innate aptitude for innovation and changement Arneg shows a new style in the standing equipment inspired by the powerful concepts of the ecological thinking, sustainability , energy saving and a better quality of life, fully respecting the environment and people. The emblem of this concept is the TREE, as a unit of measure of our sustainability. At the fair, the concept of the tree is spectacularly divided into three “green” stands to complete the concept of “naturally innovative' that characterizes Arneg:




THE PATRIARCHS The oldest trees rich in history, those who survived the challenge of time because they have a genetic heritage that sets them apart from other individuals of the same species. Offered in a gallery of fascinating images that portray secular examples throughout Italy, in a game of correspondence that refers to the “genetic heritage” of Arneg, a leader in the market.

THE NATURAL LANDSCAPE It's the place where the trees originated and developed, told through the filter of the painting copyright. A historical and natural route to talk about the environment as a lifeblood for growth, linking the discourse to the art world with which Arneg has always had a special relationship in its communication.

THE VERTICAL GREEN Green walls that are integrated with graphical representations and natural sculptures. An element of dramatic impact and the symbolic staging of a perfect balance of natural and human intervention, technological innovation and environmental protection that are the basis for all responsible and sustainable development.

Three stands that develop a new involving sensorial natural and evocative route with many growing opportunities in the corporate communication, in line with the new frontiers of the green economy and with the demands of clarity, transparency and market accountability. Three lines that express the vitality of a company that, actually engaging in the development of an intelligent economy that improves life, never ceases to innovate and give results.

EUROSHOP 2011: an important window for promoting a corporate transparent policy, supportive and accountable.