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    Vakupanel floor: less thickness, more insulation

    Vakupanel: vacuum insulating floor panel with high insulation performance

    VakuPanel is the new line of panels born from the coupling of polyurethane foam and the insulating vacuum mat with very high insulating performances.


    • Greater insulating power and reduction of panel thickness, thanks to the reduction of the thermal transmittance.


    • Enclosed rooms where it is necessary to limit the excavation depth.

    Available for floors P90 - P90IX - P240F - P350IX


    THICKNESS (mm)

    U (W/m2 K)

    U (W/m2 K)
    60 0,447 0,259
    80 0,322 0,211
    100 0,252 0,178
    120 0,206 0,154
    140 0,175 0,136
    160 0,152 0,122