Our policy

As a prominent international company, INCOLD is aware of the impact that its activity has on its employees, on the environment, on local communities and on the customers with which it interacts.

This awareness has led to its determination to define its social and environmental responsibility ensuring that its long-term development is sustainable and that it reflects the values and expectations of its employees, of the company, of its customers and of the stakeholders in general.

INCOLD has identified the main social and environmental trends likely to impact on its activities in the coming years and to which it aims to respond as a responsible business.

Consequently INCOLD has set out to integrate within its Quality System a number of objectives of an environmental and energy-related nature and as well as relating to the protection of workers' health and safety to be achieved, consolidated within the Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Integrated Management System.

INCOLD insists that its policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all staff that work for and on behalf of the organisation, that it is regularly revised and updated and that it is made publicly available on the website and on the corporate intranet.


The policy of INCOLD S.p.A. therefore aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • The motivation and development of Human Resources

  • Dissemination among all its employees of the culture of quality, safety, environment and energy while promoting responsible behaviour

  • Assurance that the policy is appropriate to the nature, size and the impact of its organisation and is applied to all the aspects in which it is involved relating to quality, safety, the environment and energy. Assurance in all the processes of compliance with the limits defined or prescribed by current regulations relating to the environment, to energy and the protection of health and safety together with those applicable and defined by its own organisation, while at the same time ensuring the continuous improvement of significant environmental and energy related aspects and measures for the prevention and protection from risks in the workplace

  • The promotion of mutually beneficial relations between the Organisation and its Supplier

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