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    Insulations for areas requiring special projects

    Some sectors, such as baking or pasteurization, require special projects to meet specific needs.
    We are ready to take on any challenge, with suitable materials and a wealth of experience to best support you in preparing your product!

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    Insulations for leavening cells and freezing cabinets

    For our customers in the bakery industry we make dough proving cells. Available with inspection doors, in various finishes, also with heated floors.

    All realizations are tailor-made to support our clients in preparing the best product!

    celle inox

    Blast chilling and freezing

    Insulation for blast chillers and freezers  

    To curb bacterial proliferation, an excellent condensing unit on an equally adequate high-intensity injected polyurethane structure is needed to provide insulation.
    With our cells suitable for use as blast chillers or freezers, available totally in stainless steel (including ramp), we are the ideal partners for all our customers in the refrigeration world.


    Insulations for chocolate molding lines

    We manufacture special stainless steel cabinets with handles to facilitate inspection and maintenance in chocolate molding lines.




    Insulations for pasteurization spirals.

    The heating phase during pasteurization is critical. Spiral pasteurization plants use convection heating ensuring homogeneous and high quality results for any type of packaged product. This is made possible by the use of Incold insulated cells, to allow products to be brought to the right temperatures at the prescribed times and differentiated based on specific requirements.


    Panorama box: display and storage

    PANORAMA BOX is the new concept of refrigeration, presentation and distribution of goods at the point of sale.
    Flexible, self-supporting and transparent with the possibility of side, front or back loading.


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