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    BIGISOPANELS: Planar and hermetic cold-resistant panels, joints and accessories

    BIGISOPANELS is a system consisting of a complete series of

    • specific cold insulation panels
    • a wide range of joints and fastening elements
    • a series of accessories and finishe

    for the realisation of industrial warehouses, cold rooms for positive and negative temperatures, food processing rooms, cold tunnels, drying rooms, controlled atmosphere rooms and refrigerated rooms for the chemical industry, warehouses and distribution centres.





    The injection of the polyurethane takes place in an open mould to guarantee a perfect distribution and homogeneity of density of the polyurethane foam, which we have been producing since 1996 in complete CFC and HCFC exemption: the blowing agent in the PP series is 134a and in the GS series it is N-pentane, which guarantee excellent dimensional stability of the foam.

    The excellent adhesion of the polyurethane foam to the panel substrates ensured by the "Kappa" effect gives the whole an excellent mechanical resistance, hence the possibility of self-bearing, total or partial use.

    Two production lines:

    • Continuous line: for producing large quantities of GS series panels, perfect for faster processing of high volume orders
    • Discontinuous line: for producing special, made-to-measure panels, such as PGS-G panels with eccentric hooks

    Engineering & Tk Projects

    A team of engineers, designers and site coordinators is ready to design, customise and follow the project through every stage, right up to delivery and acceptance. 

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