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    INCOLDACTIVE: Rapid doors and sectional overhead doors

    We produce and assemble our rapid doors in a completely dedicated department of the production area. The study and work of our specialised technicians has made it possible to produce a wide range of products capable of adapting to different contexts. Depending on the type of application we have a specific door model, from installation in low-temperature rooms to use in processing rooms or industrial applications. Incold's rapid doors are also characterised by an exclusive automation with which it is possible to adjust and control every parameter that can be viewed on the display



    Are the rapid doors produced by Incold?

    Rapid doors are produced and assembled in a new and renovated, fully dedicated department, with specialised personnel in the field of automation and roll-up doors

    What kind of electronics is installed on the doors?

    Motor control in Incold's rapid roll-up doors is handled by an inverter board protected by a special IP66 box fixed directly to the gearmotor. The electronics of our doors are Incold exclusive. We also offer an IRMOS remote management system capable of monitoring parameters and alarms directly from a remote location.

    Are Incold rapid doors certified?

    Our rapid doors have been tested and certified by a specific institute. Regarding Incold's exclusive electronics, they have all been certified 'Performance Level D'.

    Do you provide assembly assistance and after-sales service?

    We have a dedicated office and specialised technicians for service during assembly, after-sales and for the supply of spare parts for our products. We also provide our dealers with regular training and refresher courses.